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Acumen Partners LLC  @acumenontarget This is a great expose of all those things you wish you had said. #biztalk @AcumenOnTarget 
Acumen Partners LLC  @acumenontarget
Read Forward Thinking EDU's (@ForwardThinkEDU) Oct 8 Newsletter “My Ego Undermined My Ability to Learn and Grow” 
Acumen Partners LLC  @acumenontarget
I just subscribed to Forward Thinking EDU's (@ForwardThinkEDU) Newsletter -- you should check this out! 
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Great platform - wonderful audience! Thank you one and all for attending. #ESSA #ESSAchat @AcumenOnTarget 
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Every company in education needs to attend! Great information on where the Federal dollars will come from. #ESSA 
Acumen Partners LLC  @acumenontarget
Why Writing Your Core Principles Down Can Help You Better Serve Your Customers 
Acumen Partners LLC  @acumenontarget
This Is How Entrepreneurs, Students And Teachers Can Benefit From LinkedIn Learning 
Acumen Partners LLC  @acumenontarget
Should Startups Care About Profitability? – Both Sides of the Table 

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