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Does ESSA Replace, Refine, or Reinforce CCSS?

The Every Students Succeeds Act (ESSA) is transforming every aspect of the education market.

One of the areas where the ground is still shaking beneath marketers’ feet is educational standards. There is a lot of confusion about how ESSA impacts educational standards. Many are particularly unsure about the future of the Common Core Standards Initiative. Will it stay? Will it go? What will be the future of educational standards under ESSA? The education market landscape is abuzz with similar questions. Where are the answers?

Steven RowleyDoes ESSA Replace, Refine, or Reinforce CCSS?
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ESSA and Traditional Business Strategies

The Every Students Succeeds Act changed everything.

But this change is not the cause of concern. The truly worrying aspect of the ESSA transformation is the approach of businesses towards the change. Many successful education marketers today formed while No Child Left Behind (NCLB) was the norm. This is particularly true for education technology organizations. They created and refined their business strategies to suit the NCLB regulations. They relied on traditional sales processes to maximize profitability.

Not anymore.

Steven RowleyESSA and Traditional Business Strategies
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Your Core Company Value Propositions and ESSA

The Every Student Succeeds Act has silently crept up to revolutionize the educational market.

The law, which is being touted as a symbol of successful bipartisanship, has also created significant challenges for businesses. But this is not what’s surprising. What’s truly astonishing and, at times, worrying is that both the schools and businesses don’t realize its true impact. If they do understand, they don’t know what to do about it. This is where we step in. The name of the game is to adapt to survive. And here are the 4 steps to help your business achieve that.

Steven RowleyYour Core Company Value Propositions and ESSA
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How ESSA Changes the K-12 Selling Equation

The American education landscape is experiencing one of the biggest changes in the last 180 years.
As experienced business professionals, it’s easy for us to say “back in my day…” But, in this case, back in my day is actually not that far back. In fact, in a few years, even the relatively less experienced sales people will find themselves reminiscing the good old times. Until recently, the education market was full of tried-and-tested practices, traditional terminology, and predictable patterns. Not anymore. ESSA has changed everything.

Steven RowleyHow ESSA Changes the K-12 Selling Equation
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ESSA and The Survival Of The Fittest

First, there was the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act. Now, its the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). This new federal act on education has had an enormous impact on the education sector, including the associated businesses and organizations. It is a monumental shift, a big bang, a significant moment in history.

Steven RowleyESSA and The Survival Of The Fittest
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A tsunami strikes without warning. Only as it nears shore does the wave’s full destructive potential become visible. By the time you can see it coming, it’s too late to run for shelter. The devastation that follows is wide-spread and unforgiving.

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